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Lead prioritization with predictive analytics in recruitment

Predictive lead scoring is an emerging tool in a modern recruiter’s toolkit. It uses machine learning to automatically identify leads with the biggest potential and enables strategic planning and tactical prioritization. Predictive lead scoring empowers staffing agencies to focus their effort on leads with the biggest return, reducing effort and increasing conversion rate. It’s a step toward a smarter, more data-driven recruitment organization.

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5 benefits of a custom business application

5 Benefits of a Custom Business Applications How custom business applications can benefit your business by Miro Maraz March, 2018 Software Development Custom Business Applications Software Applications Traditional software applications are developed with a “one size...

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The case for predictive lead scoring in recruitment

How predictive lead scoring can optimize the recruitment process by Miro Maraz March, 2018 Predictive Lead Scoring Recruitment Optimization Machine Learning in Recruitment A core function and a primary challenge many talent agencies and recruiters face today is the...

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