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We are data analytics experts who help supercharge businesses of all sizes with intelligent, data-driven applications.

What we can do for you

We have the skills, experience and tools to tackle your most demanding data challenges.

CUBIQ Business Intelligence

Managing business intelligence solutions is hard, but getting the answers you need shouldn’t be. CUBIQ handles every step of the analytics process – from data preparation to design, modeling and refresh to a scheduled delivery.


Full Service

You don’t have to manage servers, databases or wrangle data, we do it all for you. Everything you need is included.


Tailored to your business

We handle your onboarding (in days) to meet your specific needs. Everything from data preparation, modeling and delivery schedule to dashboard design and training.


Easy to use

Our tools are made for business users – powerful, yet easy to use so all your team members can benefit.



Our platform was built as an affordable, low cost solution aimed at small to medium size organizations. 


Supercharge your small and medium size business with affordable, fully managed bussiness intelligence solution.


Data Science & Analytics

Your data has the potential to supercharge your business. Let us help you in this effort.  We make the process friendly, fast and affordable.

Predictive Modeling

Turn your data into foresight. We work with your data and build state of the art predictive models.

Machine Intelligence

We automate and integrate the intelligence we develop for you into your application.

Custom analysis

Gain insights and find answers to your business questions with Natural Language Processing, Segmentation,  Clustering, Signals Analysis and more.

Dashboards & Visualizations

Answers at a glance, from dashboards to custom graphics we design and build compelling and effective visuals.

Predictive Analytics Starter Package

Jumpstart your predictive analytics proof of concept with our specially designed package


Custom Business Applications

We work with companies of all sizes to build powerful, custom-built business applications that work the way you work. Tailored to your needs, customized to perfection.


By leveraging our application development framework, we can deliver robust functionality at a much lower cost.

Easy To Use

Leveraging Office-like experience, you will feel right at home in your custom-built application.


Robust features for working with data, security management, reporting and analytics.


Fast development cycle for a quick return on investment.

Data Systems & Services

We understand data and have the right tools and expertise to collect, transform, enrich and analyze it.

Data Systems

We can help you design a data platform for effective data collection, transformation, and management so your data becomes an asset, not a burden.

Data Processing & Services

We can take over your most challenging data processing needs for peace of mind and timely delivery.

Data Pipelines

Implement data processing pipelines to collect, shape, organize and store your data.

Data Enrichment

Add value to your existing data by enriching it with other datasets.

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