Data Science & Analytics

Your data has the potential to empower your business.

We can help your company succeed and grow with the data analytics solution that is right for you.

We make the process friendly, fast and affordable.

What we can do for you

Our data science services are designed to meaningfully advance your business

Predictive Modeling

Turn your data into foresight

We assess your data for forecasting power and build state of the art predictive models for superior decision making and competitive advantage.

Machine Intelligence

Run your business faster and smarter

Real predictions and analysis right in your web or desktop application. We automate and integrate the intelligence we develop for you.

Advanced Analytics

Gain new insights

Detect trends,  discover patterns and relationships. We arm you modern and powerful advanced analytics to help make informed, data-driven decisions.

Dashboards & Visualizations

Get answers at a glance

From dashboards to custom graphics, we design and build compelling and effective visuals to help you see your business clearly.

Predictive Analytics Starter Package

Kickstart your predictive analytics proof of concept with this specially designed package.

What you get

As part of this package you will receive the following deliverables

Data Profile Report

Describes the state of your data, identifies gaps and challenges specific to predictive modeling.

Model Prototype

Baseline statistical model that is crafted using features from your data.

Model Report

Predictive evaluation, model scores, and a learning curve analysis to help understand model potential.

Signals Report

Assessment of top driving factors in your model, and relationship of these factors to outcomes.

Tooling Recomendation

We recommend a customized toolset that fits your business needs,  context and budget.

Data Science Roadmap

How to take your prototype and create real impact in your business? We will provide a roadmap.

Limited pricing Starter Package

The predictive analytics starter package is designed for business innovators who want to use their data to optimize and advance their business.

The package is designed to get you started on your data analytics journey and bootstrap you with a prototype model, information, resources and approach – all based on your own data.


Delivery Examples

Sample screenshots from a model built to predict box office revenue for movies

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