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For all business innovators who are ready to leverage their data to supercharge their business


You are ready to optimize your business

Making good decisions is an ongoing and evolving business process. Predictive analytics help break down key decision points and information used. Custom models can then inform the key decision or automate them


You want to learn about predictive analytics

From data fitness to specific drivers of outcomes, to a technology path and overall viability – a prototype predictive model is a phenomenally informative project that enables you to understand the role, potential and challenges of advanced analytics in the future of your business.


You have historic data

If your business generates data as part of your process, predictive analytics could be a great fit and help. If you have things like transaction dates, product or service descriptions, time spent, customer or employee information, these are all great inputs for predictive models.


You have a use case

The better defined your use case is, the better predictive models can help you. Think about a piece of information you’d like to have at a point in time that can give you a competitive advantage or help you make a better decision.

Comprehensive package

As part of this package you will receive the following deliverables

Data Profile Analysis

Describes the state of your data, identifies gaps and challenges specific to predictive modeling.

Model Prototype

Baseline statistical model that is crafted using features from your data.

Model Summary

Predictive evaluation, model scores, and a learning curve analysis to help understand model potential.

Signals Analysis

Assessment of top driving factors in your model, and relationship of these factors to outcomes.

Tooling Recomendation

We recommend a customized toolset that fits your business needs,  context and budget.

Data Science Roadmap

How to take your prototype and create real impact in your business? We will provide a roadmap.

Affordable Pricing

Limited Special Pricing for Starter BASE Package

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How It Works

The Starter package is designed as a rapid discovery, assessment, and proof of concept project


1. Discussion

We will start with a discussion about your business, your data and your goals. We can also help you select a suitable use case and supporting data.


2. Analysis

We will land and analyze your data for predictive power and create a set of outputs that highlight key insights and observations.


3. Learning

We will transform your data into a format suitable for machine learning and build a prototype predictive model using sophisticated data-science technology.


4. Review

We will arm you with a comprehensive report that features key highlights, recommended technologies and provides a roadmap specific to your business. You will be able to use this information to make an informed decision about the data-driven future of your business.

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