Predictive Lead Scoring 
for Talent Agencies

Convert More Leads Faster

Lead scoring powered by machine Learning

Lead scoring is a powerful concept for assessing the likelihood of a particular outcome. It is used to measure the potential value of individual leads in order to rank, prioritize and allocate effort.

ReQue uses machine learning to extract knowledge from your data, identify complex patterns, and builds predictive models used for lead scoring. It adapts to change and enriches your data with external sources, enabling it to outperform traditional scoring systems.

How it works

ReQueu scores incoming leads in real-time using multiple models to provide a comprehensive foresight into the likelihood of a particular outcome.

The predicted scores provide the decision makers with a comprehensive foresight into the potential of a given lead and reduce intuition, bias for a fast, data-driven decision making and prioritization.

Predict key outcomes in real-time

ReQueu is able to predict a variety of outcomes in real-time at scale. It can be also trained on a custom outcome optimized for your business.


Total revenue generated


Profit percentage generated


Likelihood of scheduled interview


Likelihood of sucessful placement



Satisfaction likelihood or rating


Risk of cancellation


Risk of losing a lead to a competition


Risk of abandonment

Impact the bottom line

With ReQueu you will be able to convert more leads – faster.


Increase Revenue

Impact the bottom line by focusing on leads with the highest revenue potential


Shorten recruitment cycle

Spend less time chasing leads with a low chance of placement likelihood


Reduce effort & cost

Reduce effort and cost spent on successful conversion by making informed decisions earlier in the process


Improve conversion rate

Improve overall success rate by applying prioritization and segmentation strategies

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